Hello i'm Rory i'm a 17 year old pansexual dude who's currently in a relationship with my gr800 boyfriend and i enjoy alot of things like dangan ronpa, attack on titan, ace attorney, magic the gathering, homestuck, avas demon, gravity falls, humor, and a fair bit of gaming stuff), If you'd like to me tag anything or just wanna chat please don't hesitate to send me a message 8)



everyones obsessed w the bee movie but how come none of you talk about my FAVOURITE monstrosity 



this movie had a budget of 40 million dollars

took ten years to make

and flopped harder than anything you’ve ever seen

Delgo is notable for producing, at the time, the worst opening ever for a film playing in over 2,000 theaters, earning $511,920 at 2,160 sites. According to Yahoo! Movies, this averages to approximately 2 viewers per screening.



someone just left the dorm complex and she was wearing a shirt that said “I’m a thespian. my parents think it’s a stage.” and I swear I laughed for three minutes without stopping to breathe

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